As an avid scuba diver I love exploring the underwater world. I decided to visit one of the places furthest from anywhere. One of the most tropical places. One of the places furthest from … all.

The trip from Los Angeles to Beqa lagoon isn’t a short one. 11 hour flight, 2 hour bus and 1 hour boat. but it ends at a beautiful resort with a welcoming group of local fijians.

The resort was beautiful. Everthing was green. So lush. A central large hut-type building is where meals and gatherings took place. Food was delicious with great alcohlic beverages and of course Fiji brand water.

Nicely designed and furnished individual hut-type villas with yard, hammock and spa were available to every person, couple or family. Each along the beach and ocean. The resort is secluded with only a small village nearby down a walking trail. Being away from everything was achieved. Friends, nature, and diving was my life there.

The main activity of the trip was SCUBA diving. Under the surface we expected to see alot… corals, sharks and more life. We were not dissapointed. The lagoon was made up of huge underwater towers of varies corals and sea life. Colorful fish, turtles, shrimps and more. There was no shortage of things to see.

The clown fish were some of my favorite to stop and watch for awhile. So playful. Also managed to see some of the biggest sharks that I’ve seen. I had such a real presence in that environment. Also managed to see a few large shipwrecks. Some were vary intact and covered in various creatures.

One of my favorites is the night dive. Especially in a world of that much coral.. at night its a feast of colors. All the colors. Everywhere. The primary creature to see is the native Blue Ribbon Eel, small but colorful and with the oddest nose.

Then in the evenings delicious dinner, relaxation and sometimes a fun show or event. The locals were incredibly friendly. We always felt welcome. Always felt like we belonged.

Thanks for going through my post.
Hope you enjoyed it!