I’ve fortunate to visit a country of beauty, delicious food and class. I spent some time in Paris then two week sdriving around the central Loire Valley. Every acre with warm sun, every cathedral with history and every castle with amazing awe.

After a flight over the top of the world I arrived in Paris. I stayed in a small apartment on the top floor of building next to the river between the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Nicely central to explore the city.

Paris has so much to see. Large parks full of people reading, eating and living out their lives. The architecture is is full of details. Intricate and artistic minded minded people built this city. Fountatins and statues were beautiful. And there was such great work in iron.

The Eiffel Tower, one of the great creations in the world. While some things out their end up smaller in real life than you may have thought the Eiffel Tower is not. Its 984 feet tall and opened in 1889. If you’re good with heights visit the top!

The Notre Dame Cathedral. Beautiful historic architecture with delicate elements, amazing stained glass and purpose.

A unique visit was to the famous house of impressionist painter Claude Monet in Giverny. Just outside of Paris is in a small lush green town. The house itself its the same. covered and surrounded with beautiful landscape. There are a variety of plants, flower gardens and the famous lily ponds.

After leaving Paris I did a road trip around the central Loire Valley. French countryside full of farms, forrests and châteaux. A Châteaux is a castle, but unlike my other castles that focus on defense the french castle focused more on luxury and art. Many are huge and beautiful. Its easy to see where people like Disney, Miyazaki and other artists get their inspiration. France has many wonderful surprises and i look forward to returning.

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