Drone Perspective

One of my favorite assets is my DJI Mavic Pro drone. After years of invention DJI has created a very reliable technology. Its very comfortable to pilot. It goes where I need it to go. Its quick. It provides new opportunities. It’s time to have some new fun.


It carries a camera that takes great photos and up to 4k videos. Having a camera on a drone gives me a huge amount of new creative options to capture a scene.

There’s been a lot of speculation towards drones these days. The general public is mostly exposed to news reports saying people are flying drones where they shouldn’t. Plus YouTube is full of videos of people crashing their drones or using them innapropriately. But this isn’t the only reality of recreational drones. Reality is no real harm has come from drones and they’ve been used to help society and have created amazing art.


I use my drone responsibly and safely.

take flight and get creative

My experience with the drone has been great. It's really given me a fresh perspective in places that previously had been so familiar.

Get a DJI Mavic Pro and start flying.

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