My name is Lucas Barbieri, I am a photographer and the creator of LensLife Photo.



Since my youth I’ve always had an artistic mindset. I grew up with a family in architecture. My schooling was in design. Since 1999, my career has been product design, advertising and branding. Delivering visuals with a results driven goal in mind is what I know. It was no surprise that I would love seeing through a lens and decided that photography would be a large part of my life.



In photography understanding artistic visual elements is highly important. These elements are my developed skills through my background and extensive experience with design. Knowing how to use composition, shapes, negative space, color, hierarchy, light, and visual communication is my advantage to truly accomplish visual goals.



Successful photography for me is all about recognizing purpose. The purpose can be to tell a story, deliver a specific message or even grabbing the attention of todays audience. It can be about features and benefits of a product or a narrative of people with their relationship to a brand. Determining that purpose is how I start each project. Ultimately, this thinking of purpose keeps me and the project on track to achieve the desired goal.



For years I’ve obtained the right high-end equipment, excellent skill in Photoshop and vast experience to provide professional level photography and video. I’ve worked on photo/video shoots for multiple brands in various industries including sports, hospitality, Intel, architecture, consumer goods, Jlab Audio, retail, The Wall Street Journal, commercial, Chosen Foods and others. In this I have been successful and will continue to strive for excellence.



I offer professional photography and video for people, products and places.


I offer photo and video services including product, lifestyle, portrait, food, architecture, real-estate, commercial, fashion, creative and more. Find out more.

I host events including numerous fun meetups and valuable workshops in San Diego and nearby areas. See upcoming events. My Articles have useful educational and personal opinion posts that are helpful and fun, including my personal equipment post.

I also offer many of my photos for specific licensing and printing.
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