My name is Lucas Barbieri and I am a photographer, videographer and the creator of LensLife Photo.


Since a young age I’ve always had an artistic mindset. Always seeing the world with its beauty. I suppose it was no surprise I love photography and decided the visual fields would be my life.


In the visual fields artistic elements are highly important. I’m always mindful of interesting compositions. Always using negative space and visual hierarchy to my advantage. Always using the visual to communicate a story to the audience. Having the right professional equipment, excellent skill in photoshop and other tools help me create and best show the visual. Every work I produce benefits from the elements of art.


Its my belief that every photo or video has a purpose. It may be to document a scene, may be to emphasize a product or give a feeling but always to communicate a message. Determining that purpose is how I start each project and ultimately how my work is storytelling.


Since 1999, I have been working in the fields of design, art and photography. I’ve worked on photo/video shoots for multiple brands in various industries including sports, hospitality, Intel, architecture, consumer goods, Jlab Audio, retail, commercial, Chosen Foods and others. I have great equipment, skill and experience to achieve great results and accomplish visual communicative goals.


My photography is about life, art and storytelling.


I offer photo and video services including portrait, product, food, architecture, real-estate, commercial, fashion, creative and more. Find out more.

I host events including numerous fun meetups and valuable workshops in San Diego and nearby areas. See upcoming events. I also offer 1-on-1 photography training. My blog has useful educational and personal opinion posts that are helpful and fun, including my personal equipment post.

I also offer many of my photos for specific licensing and printing. Inquire about a specific need.


Featured in Dark Beauty Magazine.

Special editors note in printed PACIFIC Magazine.

Photos accepted and given a ribbon in the Del Mar County Fair Photo Contests, 2016 & 2017.

Many photos featured, given high results and won various ViewBug.com contests.

Photo featured on the San Diego Reader Facebook page.

Multiple photo and video features in various circus blogs.

Photos found in prestigious design publications Communication Arts and Graphis.