Editorial photography is a bit unique. Its more documentary style but sometimes with specific lighting and purpose to tell a story. Its photography for printed articles, blogs or other stories needing visual support. This requires being able to shoot in a variety of conditions as well as a variety of subjects. These can be food, people, places, events and more. It’s definitely a joy to see my photos published in this type of use.

Ratchet + Wrench Magazine was putting together an article about customer retention through a company buyout. They commissioned me to visit the business and shoot some on white people photos, interiors, exteriors, and some lifestlye of the manager and his crew at work. It was featured in their 2018 Feb issue along with the cover photo.

Sam The Cooking Guy is a famous, popular, Emmy award winning cook. He has a popular online tv show and a few books. He also has a long positive relationship with Bed, Bath & Beyond. He was preparing a blog series for Thanksgiving meal prep. I was commissioned to visit his home, get photos of some of the dishes and his process.

This photo series was for the popular blog socalrunnergal.com. They needed photos showing some various uses of the Homedics product line.